Local television advertising

The brilliant thing about this method is that it is easy and affordable, not commonly 2 words you would think of when talking about TV. But with Sky Adsmart we can specifically target households with residents that fit your companies target audience. So, no more wasted impressions, no more wasted money and no more hassle! We will guide you through the whole process from start to finish, producing your advertisement, Liaising with Sky and the required advertising standards agencies, monitoring progress and get your video broadcasting.


Finding your target audience

We look into your current and previous customers to make our ideal target audience. We can choose from a list of over 1000+ Lifestyle attributes including location, family status, income, interests and much more. We will determine what makes your audience different from the general public and target them specifically. The benefit of this over general advertising is you know that your advertisement is going to be seen by someone who has an interest in what you are selling. No more wasted impressions...


Choosing your location

There are two main types of determining where your advert is shown. We can choose to show it by postcode region i.e. DT (Dorchester) or we can target people living within a certain drivetime from your location. So you can choose to show it in your specific postcode or an area you would particularly like more work from. Or to be more specific you can target a 30 minute drive from your premises. The possibilities are endless and with Sky Adsmart being so new, only 3 years old, you can be some of the first to reap it's benefits!


working with you

Fourth Wall offers a full solution for commercial video production. We will deliver you a premium video that incorporates everything you would like it to and keep it true to your company.

We work closely with you to produce the video and make the visuals stand out to show off your company's products or services.

This process is inclusive of Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Marketing Liaison.


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